Jef de Roode - Piano music by improvisation

Jef is a Dutch pianist mainly known for his improvisations based on famous pop and rock songs. Even though he was classically trained he doesn’t follow the rules set by academics.

“To improvise implies you're forced to be naked. You can't hide behind safe rules. You're free to fly. But always aware that you could fall.”

Next to his improvisations based on famous themes you can also listen to his own compositions. You can find examples of these compositions on his last three albums In de Spiegel (2013), September (2017) and 'Elegy' (2019).


The latest album

Elegy is my latest and most personal album. For a long time I've wanted to start a project like this, but never had the courage to do so. Elegy highlights feelings you may get when someone dies. For me it is the result of the loss of 2 sisters and recently, a father. These feelings can be shared because we're similar. Most of us have to face difficult life events like these sooner or later. The loss of a father, a child, a friend or a loved one. The album Elegy does not answer, but gives these feelings a purpose.

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The piano

For a long time I've been searching for a very specific sound that can be described as a mysterious colourful diamand. Light and sparkling but at the same time, very dark and obscure. A paradox that have been in my mind for too long, which couldn't be resolved in the pianos I was playing.

However, after a selection process that took more than 2 years I finally found the sound I was looking for. A carefully selected handmade grand piano from Japan. With some small adjustments, for example, by making the hammers a bit harder than usual, I could finally actually hear what was in my mind for years. You can hear it as well, by listening to the albums September or Elegy.

Yamaha CFX grand piano

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Elegy (2019) | Apple Music | Spotify
September (2017) | Apple Music | Spotify
in de Spiegel
In de Spiegel (2013) | Apple Music | Spotify
Better sorry than safe
Better sorry than safe
Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories
Annual report
Annual report
Piano improvisations
Piano improvisations

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